The best health insurance abroad for Russia and your visa in 2023

Travel to Russia hassle-free with the perfect travel health insurance. Secure health insurance for your visa and enjoy a worry-free trip to Russia
What health insurance abroad for Russia

The best international health insurance for Russia is TravelSecure

Currently, TravelSecure is one of the few insurance providers that offer a straightforward and fully online insurance for Russia.

Perfect for your visa

The insurance is ideal for applying for a Russian visa.

Perfect for Russia

Health insurance is accepted at the Russian border.

Fast lifter

Once payment is received, you will receive your insurance immediately by email.

Health insurance for Russia

Why do you need health insurance for Russia?

International health insurance for Russia - Indispensable protection on your trip

Are you planning an exciting trip to Russia? Then you should definitely think about your health and consider an international health insurance for Russia. This specially tailored health insurance will provide you with indispensable protection and security throughout your trip.

Why have an international health insurance for Russia?

Russia is undoubtedly a fascinating destination with breathtaking architecture, rich history and cultural diversity. However, especially in a foreign country, an unexpected illness or accident can quickly become a financial burden. Medical emergencies are never predictable, and healthcare in Russia can be expensive, especially for foreign travelers.

However, with an international health insurance for Russia you are well covered. In case of illness or injury, the medical costs will be covered by the insurance, so you can fully concentrate on your recovery without having to worry about high bills.

Challenges after the Ukraine conflict

Especially after the Ukraine conflict, many major health insurance companies have stopped providing benefits for Russia. This means that conventional insurance policies no longer provide coverage for medical emergencies in Russia. Therefore, it is even more important to take out specialized international health insurance that is tailored to the exact needs of your trip to Russia.

Health insurance at the border - A must for your trip

An international health insurance for Russia is not only essential for the visa application, but also at the border is often asked for proof of health insurance. It is important to have already taken care of a comprehensive coverage when entering the country in order to avoid unpleasant situations and to be able to enjoy your trip without worries.

Carefree travel thanks to optimal coverage

With our international health insurance for Russia, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. You have the certainty that you will receive the best possible care in the event of an emergency and will not have to deal with financial burdens. Our tailor-made insurance offers you comprehensive benefits, including medically necessary repatriation or protection against loss of luggage.

Conclusion: Travel to Russia well protected

Take the health of your trip into your own hands and opt for an international health insurance that is specifically tailored to your trip to Russia. With our insurance, you can embark on your adventures in Russia worry-free, because we will take care of your safety and coverage.